We're Outsiders.
We're a couple of messy bitches — one beauty junkie, one scientist — getting to the bottom of skincare.
We want answers, just like you. We believe in next-generation skincare. Skincare that empowers instead of criticizes. Skincare backed by the knowledge of your own self.
We built Le CultureClub as a community first.
Our name is our mission. We chose Le CultureClub because it reflects who are and where we will go.

Le: because who among us isn’t a little french? #badandbougie

CultureClub: We’re building this community because we want to change the culture around beauty and skincare in our society.

The benefit of community is that you can add more voices to the conversation. It’s high time we expanded the definition of beauty and peeled back the layers of marketing brainwashing that has led us to believe that the epitome of beauty doesn’t include freckles, blemishes, red spots or the occasional dry patch. Let’s leave behind the tired standard and create a new culture.

Culture has a dual meaning for us. We’re interested in the bacteria that live on the skin. For years we’ve been taught to attack our skin, and eliminate the bacteria that live on it. Now we know that these bacteria live alongside us, building us up, helping us glow. It means that there’s room for personalization, for growth and for better skin.

The skin microbiome gives us the opportunity to create balance. The skincare revolution is about understanding what’s happening on the surface of the skin, and how our lives impact it.

Our inbox is open at hello [at] lecultureclub [dot] com for any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for your support,
Mandi Nyambi, Co-Founder and CEO
Lanya Olmsted, Co-Founder and CCO
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We believe in the truth.

Our values include:

- Inclusion, even over mainstream standards
- Scientific innovation, even over profitable shortcuts
- Skin-positive, even over blemish-free
- Keeping it real, even over millennial snake oil

We're here to start a revolution.

1. We don't photoshop our models. HELL YA to real skin and body images.

2. We create our kits in the USA, 100% powered by wind energy.

3. Skincare knowledge is available to all. Our brand is genderless, diverse, and inclusive.

4. We're reclaiming the term "messy bitch" as a way to acknowledge our imperfections while embracing our badassery.

Join the club and together we'll change the culture of skincare. It all starts with a swab.

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