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Are your skincare products getting you off?

Find out whether your skincare products are working for you by testing and tracking your skin microbiome -- all from the comfort of your own home.

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Know Your Skin. Stop scouring product reviews and using skin categories. Instead, track the effects of new skincare products through the skin microbiome. Your skin is always changing, and now you can find out how. It all starts with a swab.
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No brand allegiances here. Just a couple of crusaders getting to the bottom of skincare. We want answers, just like you. There’s something about all-nighters in the lab that we can’t get enough of.
Give it to me straight. Did my $82 serum make a difference?
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The Stardust Kit™
For testing the micro-ecosystem of oily, dry, or acne-prone skin
Swab your face and send your sample to our labs for analysis
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Trying a new product? Begin by ordering the in-home testing kit -- complete with before and after sampling materials. Roll the wand (feels like a massage) over your face to capture the skin’s micro-ecosystem (*think bacteria*) and send it back to us.

Use your new skincare product as directed. Test your skin again in a few weeks to get full results.
Discover your skin's profile and if the new product improved your skin
Receive test results and a full skin profile. We cover symptoms, goals and a review of your skin’s micro-ecosystem. Then we’ll compare your before and after report to see what effect, if any, your products have on your skin. We focus on the bacteria linked to your skin concerns.

We’ll match product formulations to ones you’ve already tried, so no money gets wasted trying products that won’t work.
Skin is a messy game, but now you know what sticks.
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What's Included
The Stardust Kit™ (includes Before + After wand)
Le CultureClub Skin Profile Report
Personal Product Recommendation Engine
$10 giftcard towards your next skincare purchase (for orders placed before September 1st)
Insider access to our product development process & free swag
Pricing -- $29 now
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We decode product ingredients, so you don't have to.
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