Finding the right skincare product is exhausting

Trying random product samples
Asking my friends
Googling ingredients
Stardust Kit
It’s time to personalize your skincare routine
There are thousands of skincare products out there. We’ll match you to the best routine for your skin, from your favorite brands.
LeCC astronaut
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Faces stacked on one another
Let your own skin do the talking
Understand your skin, without blanket categories (i.e. oily skin/dry skin), on a deeper level by measuring microbiome factors on the surface of your skin.
Discover new skin care areas to focus on as your skin’s needs change and evolve over time.
Product recommendations and routine tweaks informed by what your skin has to say about your regimen.
The first of its kind
1. Order Kit
Stardust Kit
Tell us about your skincare routine and lifestyle habits. It'll set the baseline for what we're working with.
2. Swab
Swab your face and send us your microbiome sample. Our labs are waiting on stand-by!
Astronaut swabbing
3. Routine
App screen
Receive a baseline skin profile, re-evaluate your products, and receive a custom routine after 3 weeks.
It’s actually like I am seeing my real skin for the first time — I thought my skin was oily, but it’s so much more complex than that — I like feeling that I’m finally in control of what I put on my face
Why we care
There are so many skincare products on the market. It can be overwhelming to decide which ones to use and spend money on. We’ve experienced it firsthand.

That’s why we started Le CultureClub. We believe your skin should decide your products, not anything else.

We're the next generation. Let’s change the culture of the beauty industry together.
Lanya and Mandi
They call us the
no-bullshit skincare community
A woman wearing multiple masks
Public Maskurbation
Masking in public. We’ve seen Cher do it (four times that we know of–I see you, Cher), we’ve seen ~influencers~ do it, and if you were on the 2pm KLM flight from JFK to Amsterdam in August, then you’ve seen me do it too. Sorry to Row 11 BTW, you all deserved better. Or did you?
Hocus pocus
BOO! Scary Ingredients Hiding in Your Products
Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you, but in the spirit of Halloween, we’re getting ~spooky~. It’s important to stay informed about some ingredients that are out there (waiting to JUMP out from a closet after we told you to not go into the attic to investigate that noise BY YOURSELF, JENNIFER.
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